Khalil Biryani House and Fusion   Appetizers   Chicken Samosa                                                                            $ 2.00 Seasoned ground chicken wrapped in a light pastry.   Vegetable samosa/singara                                                            $ 1.50 Spicy seasoned potatoes & peas wrapped in a light pastry                                         Chicken Roll                                                                                 $ 1.00 Chicken wrap by spring roll sheets   Vegetable Roll                                                                              $ 1.00 vegetable wrap by spring […]

By: September 13, 2017 News

The food was amazing at the restaurant

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By: February 15, 2017 News

We’re Open!

We’re so excited to announce that after rebranding, we’re officially open! To celebrate, we’d like to offer all of our loyal and regular visitors with a 15% discount! If you’ve visited us twice within the last year, and signed up to our newsletter, your discount voucher will be shooting into your inbox shortly! Thank you […]

By: June 16, 2016 News